CosmoVision (Canada) Ltd. (formerly 4215494 Canada Ltd.) is consulting and software development company that specializes in the development of software for SCADA, control, modeling, monitoring and mixed applications. We have been in business since 2003. During the past four years our company has developed new system design technology (M2C Technology - Modeling, Monitoring and Control), which is successfully implemented in several commercial applications. M2C technology roots in the the experience that our team has accumulated over the years of development of control systems for Space launch operations and for related areas of software engineering. This technology is implemented in the VisCMSE design environment, which was already used to design data fusion applications for Earth Observation. VisCMSE however is a universal design environment, and has already been used to design the system integration software for Distributed Control Systems (including power generation), Process Control Automation, Environment Monitoring, Disaster Management, and many other applications. Use of VisCMSE cuts design time and cost very significantly, and essentially increases the reliability of the system design.

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System details and brochure are coming soon

Please review the process of configuration of the VisCMSE to support monitoring of the small colony of radio-tagged spices
This brief step-by-step guide lets to assess an ease of re-configuring of the VisCMSE the software.


1.       Take initial system

2.       Set the map of the monitored area as the base object map

3.       Set the image of the monitored area (optional, but recommended)

4.       For every animal:

4.1.             Change the name of the object to the animal’s reference name/ID

4.2.             Set links among colony members. May be family link, hierarchy, “travel together”, etc., (optional)

4.3.             Set default values for the input (from the system) and output (to the system) data for each monitored animal. These data not necessary are the data that come from the radio tag, and may include reference, database entry, family history, recent vaccination, etc.

4.4.             Design the interface to process radio tag info for individual radio tag (using provided design workplace)

4.5.             Design the status analyzer for each animal (using provided design workplace)

4.6.             If model for animal behavior is available, design model interface for each animal (using provided workplace)

4.7.             Set image and drawing for each animal

5.       Set notification conditions

6.       Set web interface.

System is configured.


1.       The system will monitor the whole colony/herd via regular throughly update and “event waiting” for all animals

2.       For each animal “raw” data from the radio tag will be displayed

3.       For each animal analysis will be conducted

4.       If set by design, the conditions (“State”) of the entire colony will be evaluated

5.       Location (and color-coded state) of each animal and group will be reflected on the map in the real time

6.       System may operate in completely un-manned way

7.       If either involved model is refined, it may be adjusted without stopping the system

8.       Live website will be updated with every system update

9.       Remote researchers will be notified about changes in the colony via e-mail





04.01.2021. CosmoVision (Canada) Ltd, (a.k.a. 4215494 Canada LTD) comppletes documents for submission to Australian Space Agency by Cosmovision Global for license application for Cape York space launch site with support of Yuzhmash rocket builder from Ukraine.

01.10.2018. CosmoVision (Canada) completes Alpha-testing of VisCMSE environment for Windows-10.

01.11.2016. CosmoVision (Canada) changes name to CosmoVision (Canada) Ltd. (formerly 4215494 Canada Ltd.), and focuses its future development on applications for commercial Space opertions.

01.11.2016. CosmoVision (Canada) changes name to CosmoVision (Canada) Ltd. (formerly 4215494 Canada Ltd.), and focuses its future development on applications for commercial Space opertions.

11.06.2016.CosmoVision (Canada) completes Beta-testing of M2C Runtime for Linux.

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