CosmoVision (Canada) Ltd. (formerly 4215494 Canada Ltd.) is consulting and software development company that specializes in the development of software for SCADA, control, modeling, monitoring and mixed applications. We have been in business since 2003. During the past four years our company has developed new system design technology (M2C Technology - Modeling, Monitoring and Control), which is successfully implemented in several commercial applications. M2C technology roots in the the experience that our team has accumulated over the years of development of control systems for Space launch operations and for related areas of software engineering. This technology is implemented in the VisCMSE design environment, which was already used to design data fusion applications for Earth Observation. VisCMSE however is a universal design environment, and has already been used to design the system integration software for Distributed Control Systems (including power generation), Process Control Automation, Environment Monitoring, Disaster Management, and many other applications. Use of VisCMSE cuts design time and cost very significantly, and essentially increases the reliability of the system design.

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AZ Global Research and Engineering Partnership Program
  • Program description
  • Program benefits
  • Software delivery options
  • Joining the program
  • Costs

Program Description
The Partnership program of CosmoVision (Canada) was introduced on March 2, 2015. It is designed to let the start-up technology companies to start using the VisCMSE design suite and start building their applications with most of the payments differed by 12-24 months. The company that qualifies for the program can receive the trial software package for free, and will be requested to pay maintenance fee only after 2-week trial expires.

Program benefits
Joining the Partnership Program lets the customer to:

  • Start developing the integration software in top-down approach not waiting until the bulk of the financing will arrive.

  • Demonstrate the customers and investors the "system in action" rather than keep explaining how it might work in the future: "seeing is believing".

  • Test the system's concept, configuration, and operateability using before the actual hardware is deployed.

  • Drastically accelerate the path from design to operations.

  • Start using high quality low maintenance system integration software much earlier and for much lower cost, than competitors can ever expect.

  • Cut the final training and development cost.

Software delivery options
The software is delivered as 100MB downloadable archive file, that includes actual VisCMSE, documentation, Java-2 (JDK-1.4.2) distribution, some inexpensive third-party shareware packages, software key, and installer. Software key is automatically updated over the Internet every 4-6 weeks through the period of partnership. Customer may choose to pay for the third party software directly to its developers, or to disable additional services. CosmoVision (Canada) provides e-mail and (in some cases) live chat technical support through the period of partnership.

CosmoVision (Canada) can also develop the system according to the customer's specifications.

Joining the Program
VisCMSE is control systems software. This makes us to restrict its distribution to some countries, and to put in place certain basic procedures for the software distribution. Basically, we need to have on the record minimal paperwork that will justify that it will not be used to assist in development of WMD and its delivery systems by certain nations. In this content minimal really stands for minimal. Please contact our marketing department to join the program.

Program costs and fees
During the period of partnership the customer is required to pay only maintenance and technical support fees. The fee calculation is defined by complexity of the system, which defines the expenses that AZ Global Research and Engineering will endure to support the customer. We assume that small system of ten objects will not require more than three hours of work of our engineer per week.

The cost of development of the system by AZ Global Research and Engineering depends on complexity of the system. The cost may be estimated using the estimated one working day per object of the system, including data simulators.

These costs does not include the cost of the software license, which is deferred towards the end of the partnership period.


30.05.2023. CosmoVision (Canada) Ltd, (a.k.a. 4215494 Canada LTD) completes Alpha testing of the model of the monitoring system for the Cape York space launch site project.

04.01.2021. CosmoVision (Canada) Ltd, (a.k.a. 4215494 Canada LTD) comppletes documents for submission to Australian Space Agency by Cosmovision Global for license application for Cape York space launch site with support of Yuzhmash rocket builder from Ukraine.

01.10.2018. CosmoVision (Canada) completes Alpha-testing of VisCMSE environment for Windows-10.

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