CosmoVision (Canada) Ltd. (formerly 4215494 Canada Ltd.) is consulting and software development company that specializes in the development of software for SCADA, control, modeling, monitoring and mixed applications. We have been in business since 2003. During the past four years our company has developed new system design technology (M2C Technology - Modeling, Monitoring and Control), which is successfully implemented in several commercial applications. M2C technology roots in the the experience that our team has accumulated over the years of development of control systems for Space launch operations and for related areas of software engineering. This technology is implemented in the VisCMSE design environment, which was already used to design data fusion applications for Earth Observation. VisCMSE however is a universal design environment, and has already been used to design the system integration software for Distributed Control Systems (including power generation), Process Control Automation, Environment Monitoring, Disaster Management, and many other applications. Use of VisCMSE cuts design time and cost very significantly, and essentially increases the reliability of the system design.

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Web streams that are available from this page are in fact test demonstrators that are supported by large EO application (ISSRDD) which has been developed by AZ Global Research & Engineering Ltd. All web sites are automatically generated and updated using current application data. Refresh rate is low (every 3-4 hours), but may be increased to several times per minute. All applications use simulated data streams and satellite images available from public domain.

Industrial Automation. Demonstrator is developed for monitoring and control of the small power sub-station that provides uninterrupted power supply. The system includes three high voltage transformers and breakers for each, that forms external power supply sub-system; backup power supply, that uses diesel generator with internal fuel supply, and automated control unit, which includes additional transformer, relay dual switch, which flips between primary and backup supply, and exit switch. If external power supply fails, incoming voltage for relay falls and it switches from primary to backup power supply. Operation of the relay is supported by independently connected battery. In total system includes 16 components that are integrated in three subsystems, and over 200 monitoring parameters.
Earth ObservationUse of the M2C technology for relatively slow update rate applications, like change detection or vegetation monitoring. The application includes sevearl areas on the 30m. resolution satellite image, that are being monitored in a real time (see Luanda object). The customer can review the raw data for the areas, images, maps, and (where available) mock-up weather report, live video stream, multispectral satellite image by band, historic data for the ground conditions (reflectivity spectra, chart and table), changes for the selected areas, and can download the up-to-date reports. The application updates itself several times per day; all the data excerpt for the satellite image and related spectral sampling are generated at the server end.
Disaster Response. The demonstration scenario is developed for flood response. Monitoring system receives satellite images and is connected to four sensors that measure water level and its increment. Status of the sensors is reflected by color. System automatically analyses impact of the flood on the town and generates alert for the operator. Neither sensor network nor satellite image cover the whole area of impact with sufficient accuracy. Nevertheless built-in data fusion capability of the system allows to derive accurate analysis of the situation.
Support for Local Authority.This application demonstrates combining of satellite data about currents in the Gulf of Mexico, weather data, lightning strike data, surf data, and temperature /humidity data from the beach area. These data may be used by local Sheriff to close or open beaches and to issue warnings. Besides that road conditions for the critical local highway are reported. These data may be vital for planning the search and rescue operations. Similarly to disaster response situation, multiple data streams are combined to generate accurate assessment of the conditions of the coastal area.
Environment Monitoring.The application demonstrates monitoring of radiation and isotope contamination in close vicinity of the nuclear power plant. Monitoring system includes three automated dosemeters and two isotope analyzers. System estimates contamination and radiation levels within limits of the nearby town, and generates warnings and alarms when these values approach pre-set levels. Color of the contour of the objects on the map corresponds to their status. Satellite image of the area is used for aerial surveillance purposes. Web site is configured to fit small-screen devices (pocket PC or PDA), and may be accessed from elsewhere, as long as wireless WAN access is available.

Actual applications that support these web sites (in Demo version) are available for download upon signing non-competition / non-disclosure agreement. Please contact us in this regard.


04.01.2021. CosmoVision (Canada) Ltd, (a.k.a. 4215494 Canada LTD) comppletes documents for submission to Australian Space Agency by Cosmovision Global for license application for Cape York space launch site with support of Yuzhmash rocket builder from Ukraine.

01.10.2018. CosmoVision (Canada) completes Alpha-testing of VisCMSE environment for Windows-10.

01.11.2016. CosmoVision (Canada) changes name to CosmoVision (Canada) Ltd. (formerly 4215494 Canada Ltd.), and focuses its future development on applications for commercial Space opertions.

01.11.2016. CosmoVision (Canada) changes name to CosmoVision (Canada) Ltd. (formerly 4215494 Canada Ltd.), and focuses its future development on applications for commercial Space opertions.

11.06.2016.CosmoVision (Canada) completes Beta-testing of M2C Runtime for Linux.

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